EPrints 2.2 Documentation - force_config_reload command


force_config_reload - Force the webserver to reload the configuration of this archive.


force_config_reload archiveid [options]


This command forces the webserver to reload the config files for the given archive.

This is very useful, but the webserver will only reload the config files in the ``forked'' versions of itself, but the origional. This will generate a major extra load each time the webserver forks of a process.

This command offers a temporary solution to the problem only. You should still restart apache at some point.

All this file really does is create an empty file named .changed in the archives own cfg/ directory. The main system, running in the webservers mod_perl, looks at the time this file was last modified. If this file has changed since the archive configuration was loaded then it forces a reload.


The ID of the eprint archive to force a reload on.


Print a brief help message and exit.

Print the full manual page and then exit.

Be vewwy vewwy quiet. This option will supress all output unless an error occurs.

Explain in detail what is going on. May be repeated for greater effect.

Output version information and exit.


This is part of this EPrints 2 system. EPrints 2 is developed by Christopher Gutteridge.


EPrints Version: 2.2.1


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This file is part of EPrints 2.

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 EPrints 2.2 Documentation - force_config_reload command