EPrints 2.2 Documentation - Troubleshooting

Trouble Shooting

This section covers some things which can go wrong and why. If you have a suggestion for this section, let us know!

It will grow as people suggest new problems and solutions. Check the http://www.eprints.org/ website for the latest version.

Installation of EPrints and Required Software

Apache Crashes with a segmentation fault

Possible cause: apache linked against ``expat'' library. If you did not install apache from source then it is possible it was linked against the ``expat'' library. The problem arrises that it is also linked against mod_perl and when we use the XML::Parser module, that is also linked against expat. 2 expat's in one apache make it seg-fault.

(Under SuSE Linux) Apache has problems compiling the mod rewrite module

With an error something like:

 In file included from mod_rewrite.c:93:
 mod_rewrite.h:133: ndbm.h: No such file or directory

Possible cause: Missing the ndbm library which is required (for some reason).

Solution: It comes as part of gdbm which is free. If working from a package you need gdbm-devel to get the header files (.h files).

Setting Up and Configuring a New Archive

System gives a ``500 Internal Error'' when viewing advanced search or submitting a document

Possible cause: No Subjects, Bug in code.

Solution: Run generate_subjects

If this fails: Look at your apache error log for clues. If reporting a bug, include the errors from the apache error log (often, but now always, found at /usr/local/apache/logs/error_log)


Solution: Build apache following the detailed instructions in the ``requried software'' section of the documentation.

Changes to the configuration didn't appear on the website

Possible cause: Several.

Solution: Rebuild everything by re-running (for the archive in question) generate_static, generate_views, generate_apacheconf then stop and start apache. generate_abstracts can take a long time, so don't run it unless you want to update the abstracts themselves.

Browse View page gives a ``404 not found'' error or fails to update.

Possible Cause: You didn't run the script which makes them!

Solution: Run generate_views, and ideally set it up to run automatically: see ``Browse Views'' in the installation section.

Apache takes a really long time to start (over a minute) and so do the command line scripts.

Possible Cause: EPrints loads several XML files at start up, and for some reason this requires a DNS lookup if DNS lookup is unavailable then it has to timeout.

Solution: Make sure that the machine can perform DNS look-ups.

 EPrints 2.2 Documentation - Troubleshooting