EPrints 2.2 Documentation - Updating from Previous Versions

Generally speaking when upgrading EPrints v2 you should unpack and install eprints to the same path as your current version. The installer will detect the existing version and upgrade it. Existing files which have been altered by you should be automatically backed up so they don't get lost. But if your hacks are important then you should probably back them up by hand before upgrading.

Always stop apache before upgrading.

Always make sure your system is fully backed up before upgrading.

Then you should follow the specific instructions for each stage from your old version to your new version...

Updating from EPrints 1

A tool for assisting with this is available from http://software.eprints.org/files/

Updating from EPrints2-alpha-2 to EPrints 2.0

Too much of the configuration of the archive has changed to document individually. See the CHANGELOG file if you're really interested. If you have more than one archive, then do each step for each one. Our example is the archive with the ID foobar.

To upgrade we suggest you use the UNIX diff command to make a records of changes you made to the archive config directory.

 % diff /opt/eprints2/defaultcfg/ /opt/eprints2/archives/foobar/cfg/

Store the output from diff somewhere safe.

Remove /opt/eprints2/archives/foobar/cfg/

Now install eprints 2.0 and agree to upgrade when it asks.

Copy the new default configuration into your archive dir:

 % cp -R /opt/eprints2/defaultcfg/ /opt/eprints2/archives/foobar/cfg/

Work through the ``diff'' you produced, and re-apply the changes to the contents of /opt/eprints2/archives/foobar/cfg/.

You also need to execute the following SQL command.

 UPDATE document SET security='' WHERE security='public';

To connect to mysql via the command line run:

 % mysql -u eprints foobar -p

And enter the database password for that archive.

Now re-run generate_apacheconf and restart apache.

Upgrading from 2.0 should be less painful than this, the config files should change less dramatically from now on.

Updating from EPrints 2.0 to EPrints 2.0.1

This release is mostly a bug fix release. There are a few bugs in the config files which you should fix by hand.

After upgrading EPrints, repeat these steps for the cfg directory of each archive you have created:

Updating from EPrints 2.0.1 to EPrints 2.1

These release fixes a few bugs but the main point is adding the subscriptions feature and support for OAI 2.0. See the NEWS file in the distribution for more information.

After upgrading EPrints, repeat these steps for each archive you have created:

Updating from EPrints 2.1 (or 2.1.1) to EPrints 2.2

Upgrade eprints software to the new version then (for each archive)

 EPrints 2.2 Documentation - Updating from Previous Versions