The Dynamic Mailing List Manager


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DynaMail Web-interface


Aleksandar Manojlovic MNJALE002
Ryan Slade SLDRYA002
Hussein Suleman



Currently, communicating using e-mail and mailing lists is static, since the lists are fixed at any given time. This works for a number of scenarios but there are situations where it is not ideal.

Our solution is to create a more dynamic system that is intended to work for some specific situations where communities are more dynamic. The system works by having groups, each of which can be divided into subgroups, for example by the years that someone was a member of each group. The system then dynamically decides where the messages should be sent by looking at who were members of the same groups at the same time. The idea behind the system is that no-one should receive a mail from someone who they do not know.

We found that for specific group structures the system works quite well. However, many users see the system as a mailing list replacement and therefore assume that it works like a traditional mailing list, which is not true. Another issue is that he system cannot tell what a message is about, it relies on the way that groups were defined in order to figure out where messages should go. It is therefore important that when setting up the system in any situation, the groups are created in such a way that they match the community as closely as possible to maximise the effectiveness of the system.