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There are many digital collections that contain an abundance of information, but this information is of no use unless there is a way to access and distribute it. This is where Digital Repository Systems come in. They allow collections of information to be searched, browsed and managed.

Current digital repository systems tend to be heavyweight, requiring a Web server in both online and offline forms. This makes them difficult to access in places where Web connectivity is not available, or limited, and leads to a need for a more lightweight and distributable system.

This is where Asynchronous JavaScript and XML or AJAX comes in. AJAX is a technology used to reproduce offline interactivity, similar to that of a desktop application, in a Web page.

AJAX is therefore used in this project to create a lightweight and distributable Digital Repository System (DRS).

This system consists of three main components:

A system to browse through a digital collection.
A system to search through a digital collection.
A system to manage a digital collection


  • Identifying the functionality required in a Digital Repository System.
  • Creating a lightweight and distributable offline system using AJAX.
  • Creating a central online repository that is manageable via a web interface.