The Bleek and Lloyd Collection is a set of unique documents (narratives, drawings and documents) that preserve the history and culture of the early Bushman inhabitants of the Western Cape of South Africa - specifically the |xam and the !kun people. This set of documents has been scanned and hyperlinked to provide access to researchers worldwide, in order to assist them in learning about what is arguably one of the oldest known cultures.


The BOLD (Bushman OnLine Dictionary) project is an image-based dictionary that aims to integrate a recent set of digital scans into a dictionary that can be used as a live-reference for researchers and scholars alike who use the Bleek and Lloyd Collection. The digital scans are images of pieces of paper which contain an English word and its corresponding Bushman translation(s).


The BOLD dictionary may be used to interpret and understand the original text which appears in the Bleek and Lloyd collection. The project aims to provide a framework for future image-based dictionaries aimed at cultural preservation. The system has 3 distinct components: an archive management system; a searching, browsing and display module; and an image-based translation module.