The addition of the recent set of digital scans to the existing collection, presented a new challenge in managing the Bleek and Lloyd collection . A meaningful and efficient way was needed to preserve these images, thus providing the framework for this project. There are existing digital preservation systems for the management and preservation of cultural heritage and language. However there are no digital archival systems that are built specifically with the aim of providing a framework for archiving large collections
that form an image-based dictionary.


Archive Collection Management System architecture overview



Physical degradation and the decay of storage media are two of the strongest motivators for the need to build an archive management system for the dictionary images. The BOLD archive management system, attempts to solve both of these issues while simultaneously providing ease of access to the scanned dictionary images.


Aim of Research

The research question posed in addressing the archive management system of this project is:

Can we develop a useful and efficient archival system?


Archive Management System

by Lebogang Molwantoa






Design and Implementation






Future Work