The Digital Bleek and Lloyd


The Digital Bleek and Lloyd includes scans of every page of the 114 Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks, 13 Lloyd (mostly) !kun notebooks and 28 Wilhelm Bleek |xam notebooks. It also includes Jemima Bleek's solitary Korana and !kun notebook (but excludes three Korana notebooks in the collection of the Maingard Library at the University of South Africa) and all the drawings and watercolours made by |han≠kass'o, Dia!kwain, Tamme, |uma, !nanni and Da. 

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Centre for Curating the Archive at the University of Cape Town


The Centre for Curating the Archive has been established as a vehicle for the conservation and creative use of both object, image and paper collections. It builds on UCT's dual institutional strength in its numerous and valuable research collections on which much critical research is based, and in its established, and in many areas, cutting-edge, expertise in the area of presenting those collections. The linked research, often revealed in the public domain, uses these collections to facilitate and enrich public

engagement around key questions of our times.

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UCT CS Research Document Archive

UCT Computer Science Research Document Archive, which archives and makes accessible documents that are products and by-products of research in the department

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