The Bleek and Lloyd dictionary collection is a set of images that which have translations from |xam to English written on them. These images form the core part of interpreting and understanding the original Bleek and Lloyd collection.


The envelope with the translations of Lizard


The translation of the word Lizard from English to |xam


There is currently no known digitized English to |xam dictionary available. Creating an online interface that facilitates the searching, browsing and display of such a dictionary will provide researchers an always available and easy to reach reference for helping them to understand the Bleek and Lloyd collection. It will also help to preserve the |xam language for future posterity.


Aim of Research

The research question posed is:

Can we develop an efficient and effective searching, browsing and display interface?


Searching, Browsing and Display Interface

by Sanvir Manilal






Design and Implementation






Future Work