The Curator Interface is a Web application that allows curators to manage digital collections remotely. This is done by providing the users of the Web application with tools to browse through the collection as well as add, delete and edit files. Furthermore, the Curator Interface will be responsible for ensuring the long term preservation of the collection stored within the digital repository.

Problem Statement

A key component of all digital repository systems is a means for administrators to manage the collections. In the case of most digital libraries this is done through queries and updates to a database or other complex storage system. Given the objectives of the Bonolo project to use a simple file hierarchy as a data storage structure, a new means of managing a collection needs to be constructed. Additionally, the system that is to be developed should be lightweight, requiring little effort to set up a new collection.


The motivation for the Curator Interface is to address the issues raised in the problem statement by building a light-weight Web application that allows curators to manage a collection of files stored in a simple file hierarchy on the server. The Curator Interface is an essential part of the Bonolo digital repository system, which has the potential to be released as an alternative to existing digital repository systems that are based on complex storage structures.

In addition, the results and findings of this investigation may lead to a new approach to the way in which digital repository systems are created and used. The simple nature of the file storage structure, as well as the lightweight nature of the system could lead to new collections being established.

Research Questions

The Curator Interface seeks to address the following research questions as a component of the Bonolo Project:

  • Will using a simple file hierarchy as a file store affect the overall usability of the Curator Interface?
  • What is the impact of having a hierarchical file-based data store on the performance of the Curator Interface?
  • Is the Bonolo Curator Interface comparable to those of other digital repository systems?


The framework of the Curator Interface is shown in the following diagram:
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