Literature Synthesis

The background research done into Digital Repository Systems by each team member can be found here:

Project Proposal

The proposal document and slides of the Bonolo Project (originally known as the simplyCT Project) can be found here:

Slides (Powerpoint):Presentation_Slides.pptx[1.4MB]
Slides (PDF):Presentation_Slides.pdf[20.1MB]

Project Reports

The individual project reports of each team member can be downloaded here:

End-User Interface (Stuart):Stuart_Project_Report.pdf[5.5MB]
Curator Interface (Miles):Miles_Project_Report.pdf[1.6MB]

Project Poster

The academic poster created for the Bonolo project is available here:

Project Poster:Project_Poster.png[1.6MB]

Source Code

All source code created in the Bonolo Project are available here. Both the End-User and Curator interfaces require the Java Runtime Environment and Apache Tomcat in order to be executed. To execute an interface, see the README.txt that is in the archive.

Please note that both interfaces fall under the GNU General Public License Version 3. For more information regarding this license, click here

End-User Interface (Stuart)[19.5MB]
Curator Interface (Miles)[3.5MB]