Meeting Minutes

Regular meetings were held between the developers and the project supervisor. The following is a list of meeting minutes that were recorded throughout the project period.

April 2011 Minutes:April_2011.pdf[34KB]
May 2011 Minutes:May_2011.pdf[38KB]
June 2011 Minutes:June_2011.pdf[38KB]
July 2011 Minutes:July_2011.pdf[35KB]
August 2011 Minutes:August_2011.pdf[48KB]
Semptember 2011 Minutes:Semptember_2011.pdf[37KB]
October 2011 Minutes:October_2011.pdf[38KB]

Other Documents

Project Timeline

Gantt Chart:Gantt_Chart.png[33KB]

Evaluation Notes

Evaluation Notes:Evaluation_Notes.pdf[70KB]