Request Management Component

Developed by Jay Benson

The request management functionality allows an administrator to accept or decline file requests.


The Request Management functionality was created to provide the administrator of the Zamani Data Archive with a tool to manage user's file requests. Provisions have been made for the batch processing of an individual user's requests.


The Download Management Page provides the Request Management functionality. Individual forms are generated for each user's requests that currently have a 'requested' state. This is done by making cURL requests to Solr as well as the FOXML FILE datastream in the Fedora Repository. An administrator is then able to change the state of all requests to either 'accepted' or 'declined' alternatively individual files can be selected or changed based on their needs. Once a user's permissions have been updated they are notified via an email specifying the requests that have been updated.

Download Management Page
Expanded form of an individual user's requests
Example email notifying a user that their file request states have changed
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Results & Conclusion

See: Date Request Interface